Friday, 30. 10. 2020

HYAPEP tri-active SERUM


HYAPEP tri-active SERUM

HYAPEP ® tri-active Serum

Sumptuous skin support by high-quality components

High as well as also very low molecular weight hyaluronic acids encure plenty full moisture depots for an elastic skin
A combination of 3 highly valuable multi-peptides takes care of wrinkle reduction and firms up the skin
And the pro-vitamin Panthenol additionally soothes stressed and sensitive skin

APPLICATION HYAPEP® tri-active Serum:
Apply morning and evening before your day or night cream and massage with a light circular motion. Already immediately after application there will be a sensation of freshness!

After 3 - 4 weeks of regular use your client will notice that the skin is feeling softer, more moisturized and looking smoother.

Available in 2 sizes: 15 ml & 30 ml in modern airless dispenser which prevents the contamination of the serum.

Hyapep tri active serum beauty line

For professional use: 50 ml for the cosmetic cubicle. Suitable for ultrasound!