Thursday, 25. 07. 2024

Vote & win a Beauty Bag!

  • Beauty Forum Award 2024

    VOTE & WIN!

    HURRAY, our Lash & Brow LAMINATION FLUID home has been nominated for the STARS AWARD 2024!

    It's that easy for YOU to help make the Lash & Brow LAMINATION FLUID a TOP BEAUTY product 2024 and win:

    1. Go to the website and register (Attention: this page is only in German)

    2. Click on the "JETZT ABSTIMMEN" button.

    3. Enter your email address.

    4. You will receive a code to your email address. You will need to enter it on the page.

    5. The registration window will then open:

    VOTE & WIN!

    6. After submitting your registration, the voting page will open.

    7. After activation go to the CATEGORY "Wimpern & Augenbrauen".

    8. Vote for the "Lash & Brow LAMINATION FLUID home" and take part in the lottery.

    You have the chance to win one of 50 BEAUTY BOXES with our Lash & Brow LAMINATION FLUID home and many other beauty products!

    We'll keep our fingers crossed for you!