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How does our BROW lifting & styling work?

Step 1

Brow lifting instructions - step 1

Remove make-up from eyebrows, but DO NOT degrease, so that the natural skin barrier remains intact as protection. Protect the skin around the eyebrows with a little cream.

TIP: Combine BROW Lifting with HYAPEP eye treatment.

Step 2

Brow lifting instructions - step 2

Apply BROW Lifting GEL 1 to the brows with the brush.

Step 3

Brow lifting instructions - step 3

Loosely cover them with transparent foil. Exposure time depends on hair structure:  5 - 8 min.


Step 4

Brow lifting instructions - step 4

At the end of the exposure time, carefully lift the foil and test, whether the brows are flexible. If not, extend by 2 min.

Step 5

Brow lifting instructions - step 5

Then test again and extend for another 1-2 minutes if necessary. Only if the brows are flexible, carefully remove GEL 1, e.g. with a cotton pad.

Step 6

Brow lifting instructions - step 6

Thinly apply a small amount of POWER PAD Glue and fix the soft eyebrows in the desired shape with the TRIO TOOL or the Applicator.

Step 7

Brow lifting instructions - step 7

Apply BROW Lifting GEL 2, exposure time: 5 min.

Step 8

Brow lifting instructions - step 8

Remove GEL 2 with a cotton pad. If you intend to tint now, the POWER PAD Glue can remain on the brows as skin protection. Otherwise, it must be removed now with Glue & Roll Remover. Then wipe the brows with damp cotton pads.

Step 9

Brow lifting instructions - step 9

The eyebrows are now smoothed, soft and can be combed into any desired shape.

Now start with the BROW STYLING: Tint the eyebrows with BINACIL. Exposure time starts at 3 min, longer for more intensity. Then remove the tint and any remaining glue.


Step 10

Brow lifting instructions - step 10

Comb brows into desired shape; then begin with the styling (e.g. cutting).

TIP: Revitalize the eyebrow structure with the LAMINATION FLUID professional. This Keratin treatment can additionally be carried out before applying the BROW LINER and needs to dry for 2-3 min.


Step 11

Brow lifting instructions - step 11

For the tattoo effect, define the shape with BROW LINER and fill the gaps. To finish the treatment, fix the new shape with BROW FIXING GEL.