Friday, 12. 07. 2024


ART. NO. 10401X, 10402X, 10403X

4 pairs per package, made of silicone, with extremely curved design

The more you want to lift the eyelashes, the smaller you select the size of the Power Pad™ extra!

Available in 3 sizes: size 1 extra, size 2 extra, size 3 extra

IMPORTANT: Before gluing on, it is obligatory to remove excess grease from lid and lashes with Sodium Chloride Solution (Art. no. 10330). This is the only way to guarantee that the pads adhere perfectly to the lid and also the lashes will keep well on the pads.

TIP: Use Glue & Roll Remover (Art. no. 10336) for easy and fast removal of POWER PADs, Special Glue and POWER PAD™ Glue.