Friday, 24. 05. 2024

POWER PAD Supplementary Set MINI

ART. NO. 10351ENG

1 package POWER PAD™ MIX curvy with 8 pieces (4 pairs) (1 x size 1 curvy, 1 x size 2 curvy, 1 x size 3 curvy, 1 x size 4 curvy), 1 POWER PAD™ Glue - 2nd generation, 1 med. Tape, 1 TRIO-TOOL, 10 pairs of self-adhesive Skin Protection Pads

Additionally required articles:

Sodium Chloride Solution (Art. no. 10330) - a "must" before each treatment, for the removal of excess grease from lid and lashes.

Glue & Roll Remover (Art. no. 10336) to be used after the treatment, for a fast and easy removal of Special Glue and POWER PAD™ Glue from the lashes as well as for the removal of the pads.