Tuesday, 28. 11. 2023
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Self-adhesive Lifting rolls (Eyelash rolls) for Lash Lifting CLASSIC

ART. NO. 10301 - 10306


ATTENTION: The higher the rolls are placed on the lid, the more dramatic the lashes will be lifted right from the lid margin!

Available in 6 sizes: size 1 - extra small - XS, size 2 - small - S, size 3 - medium - M, size 4 - large - L, size 5 - extra large - XL, size 6 - 2 x extra large - XXL

IMPORTANT: Before gluing on, it is obligatory to remove excess grease from lid and lashes with Sodium Chloride Solution (Art. no. 10330). This is the only way to guarantee that the rolls adhere perfectly to the lid and also the lashes will keep well on the roll.

TIP: The Glue & Roll Remover (Art. no. 10336) removes rolls and Special Glue easily and quickly.