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The Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting treatment with skin-friendly silicone pads


    The POWER PAD® extra, produced from skin-friendly silicone - made in Germany - is a completely new means of shaping. It was developed by us with an optimized, protected 3-D design for the perfect Wimpernwelle lifting effect.

    Due to the unique asymmetrical shape of the Power Pad® extra, the lashes are lifted again and again in the same defined shape.

  • Image video: Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting POWER PAD

    HERE we will show you how easily also your eyelashes can be shaped into a unique new look thanks to a lash lift with our skin-friendly silicone pads.

  • Work like a professional: professional training video

    HERE, professionals can register for our free online training video for Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting POWER PAD!

  • Wimpernwelle Lash Lift studios nearby

    The Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting POWER PAD treatment can be realized in any cosmetic, nail or hairdressing studio - just ask for Wimpernwelle Lash Lift POWER PAD!

    In our list "Studios nearby" you will find a number of studios in your area offering a Lash Lift treatment with silicone pads.

  • TIP - step 2 for perfect lashes: Tinting

    Have your eyelashes tinted immediately after the Wimpernwelle Lash Lift POWER PAD. Your new lifting effect will be even more impressive! With our professional eyelash tint BINACIL™ the application time after the lash lifting is only 2 minutes!

  • TIP - step 3 for perfect lashes: Lamination

    Lamination with the LAMINATION FLUID professional is the extra plus for shiny and strong eyelashes as final step of every lash treatment. It contains a KERATIN BOOSTER which provides HIGHEND care and revitalises the eyelash structure.

  • Recommendation: Keratin care at home

    With our award winning Lash & Brow LAMINATION FLUID home you can successfully continue the KERATIN cure at home.