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Eye and skin care for all skintypes

  • Luxury care for the skin

    HYAPEP® tri-active Serum - Intensive Serum with a unique triple combination of hyaluronic acids, multi-peptides & Panthenol for a firmer and elastic facial skin

    Both high as well as also very low molecular weight hyaluronic acids ensure plenty filled moisture depots for an elastic skin

    A combination of 3 highly valuable multi-peptides takes care of wrinkle reduction and firms up the skin

    And the pro-vitamin Panthenol additionally soothes stressed and sensitive skin

    Available in 2 sizes: 15 ml + 30 ml in modern airless dispensers, protecting from germs.

    For commercial use: 50 ml for the cosmetic cabin. Also suitable for ultrasound!

  • APPLICATION: HYAPEP tri-active Serum

    The serum is applied in the morning and evening before the respective day or night cream and massaged in with light circular movements. Already immediately after application, there will be a sensation of freshness! After 3 to 4 weeks of regular use, the skin will feel noticeably softer, well moisturized and relaxed, making it look younger and smoother.

    TIP: Offer a HYAPEP eye contour cure during a treatment: First apply the HYAPEP tri-active serum. Then place our self-adhesive, neutral skin protection pad on top (e.g. also during lash lifting or lash tinting treatment).